Coach Elena Sobol said that you should not drink coffee after training

Trainer Elena Sobol spoke about the main mistakes in fitness, due to which there is no progress


03/26/2024 00:05

Fitness trainer Elena Sobol gave advice on how to get more effective results from sports. She also talked about mistakes in fitness that could make her feel worse.

“First, stop drinking coffee, energy drinks and other liquids with caffeine after training. After all, physical activity is stressful for the body. After it, the hormone cortisol is released. Its high level leads to major health problems,” says Sobol in an interview with the SE portal.

The trainer also advised to sleep at least 8 hours, since during this time enough of the hormone responsible for muscle recovery will be released.

“The most suitable training schedule is 3-4 times a week. Moreover, the rest should be at least a day so that the body does not become exhausted,” added Sobol.

According to the trainer, mistakes also include: refusal of MFR exercises, warm-up and stretching, poor nutrition, stress and training as punishment.

Author Elena Galabaeva

Elena Galabaeva – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

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