Cossacks in Donbass: let’s reach America

Pravda.Ru special correspondent Daria Aslamova in Donbass I talked with commander of the third Cossack company “Volny Terek” Sergei Kononov (call sign Lake). He told why Ukrainians are fighting in a fratricidal war, whether there is freedom in Ukraine, what he was right about Joseph Stalinwhere the special operation will end and why Europe needs to be burned and sowed with wheat.

– Sergey, there are few real Cossacks in your company, mostly different people come, right?

— We are all Cossacks, but of different nationalities:

  • Russians,
  • Ossetians,
  • Georgians,
  • Moldovans,
  • Ukrainians.

I myself am half Ukrainian, and I speak Ukrainian, and I speak “palyanitsa” well.

— How did you, a Ukrainian, end up in the valiant Cossack company “Free Terek” and fight against the Ukrainians?

– No, I’m not fighting against Ukrainians. I am fighting against the Nazis. I’ll say more, two sons are fighting against me now. They are military. One is 23 years old, the other is 26 years old. Denis and Yuri. I don’t know where exactly they are fighting; contact has long been lost. We don’t communicate with their mother.

– But they know that they are fighting against dad?

– Certainly. Brother against brother – this often happens in a quiet civilian life, but when a father goes against his sons, it is harder. If you lived to see this, it means you missed out on education. I dream of reaching my native Vinnytsia region and using my whip to educate them.

– Do you believe in victory?

– Yes, I know that God is with us. I plan to reach Europe, and then we’ll see. But Berlin is an understatement. Our grandfathers reached Berlin. And we’ll get further. We still have America.

— What do you think about the Ukrainian people? Were they deceived? What did they do wrong?

“I don’t believe they were fooled.” They deliberately fight. So you believe in God, and I will come and say: “Why do you need faith in God, let’s believe in Satan.” Will you change your thoughts?

— Do you think that the whole nation has fallen ill with Satanism?

– Yes, these are people without faith. How can a church be looted? How can fathers be kicked out? Burn down old churches? How can the entire state of Ukraine be taken out? Would a normal sane person do this? No. They wanted freedom. But they don’t have freedom.

– Is there any freedom at all?

– Of course have. I am free. He’s free. We are all free. If someone comes and tells me: “Let’s go against Putin or against the Russian people,” but we will never go against the people in our lives. We have our own heads, upbringing and faith.

“But you know that you are shooting at people who are your blood, Ukrainians.”

“But they are shooting at us.” And they started shooting first. We didn’t start it, they started it. Even my own sister, who lives in Ukraine, directly told me: “We will go into Crimea and slaughter you.” Should I look at this? I’ll go there first! But I won’t cut it. I will hang them in the square. Then there will be discipline and order. We got very upset with these Europeans and missed these moments. Like this. There is no other way. Everyone says that Stalin was tough, and Stalin fought correctly. And if you take all the pros and cons, take all our wars, then the only one who fought correctly is Stalin.

Why did Taras Bulba fight and have victories? He had toughness, discipline and order. Why is there order in my company? Because there is discipline, rules, faith.

We’re not afraid. It’s scary in Ukraine. During the Great Patriotic War, our grandfathers laid down their heads and died in every village, in every city:

  • in Russia,
  • in Ukraine,
  • in Belarus,
  • in Poland.

We erected monuments and made mass graves. Where are they in Ukraine? What is the fault of the warrior who lies there, to whom a monument was erected, to whom flowers were brought? This is disrespect for the dead. When I tear down the monument, how will you look at me? In Vinnitsa we had monuments to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, they were all demolished. Savages. We are just going to tame the animals.

Europe must be burned, wiped off the face of the earth and fields should be made there, wheat should be sown. By the way, there will be good flour. And then we will feed all of Africa with bread. Let the Europeans plow the fields, we work in the mines, and we need people in Donetsk.

— Do you think that Europe should be punished for helping Ukraine?

– Certainly. Help comes in different forms. It was possible to set Ukrainians on the right path, to tell them where they stumbled: let’s come to their senses, rebuild Ukraine, establish trade ties and economic relations. But in reality, Europe is ruining Ukraine. Tell me, where did America go, are there flowers blooming there or ruins? Let’s ask the Egyptians, the Syrians, the Afghans.

Now the Afghans who fought against us say: “Yes, the USSR fought, but when the Soviet people left, schools, roads, hospitals remained.” What did America leave in Afghanistan? Ruins and bases.

Why is Europe stuffing Ukrainians with drones and missiles to make them fight? Why don’t they say: “Stop, let’s sit down at the negotiating table”? Any war ends with negotiations. Why don’t they push Ukraine to negotiate? Why these deaths? This means that they are beneficial to someone. They need to be punished and put on the right path, return them to faith. Believe me, we will return! The people are a herd; as you turn, so will they go.

Curator Alexander Artamonov

Alexander Artamonov – military observer, editor of the French version, presenter of the “Control Shot” reviews – on the channel of the media holding “Pravda.Ru”

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