Deadly rally race – Testimony of a life-saving volunteer soldier: “No one came to the little girl to help her”

Hungarian rally sport experienced one of its darkest days on Sunday, after an unimaginable tragedy occurred at the season-opening race of the Esztergom-Nyerges Rally. A Skoda Fabia R5 skidded after one of the fast straights and crashed into the spectators.

In the brutal accident, four people died, while eight people were injured, the most serious was a little girl: she was taken to the hospital in a life-threatening condition, between life and death. We understand that he was so badly injured that

had to be revived on the spot.

According to eyewitnesses the little girl was run over by the car so that she flew several meters and fell on one of the spectators.

The R5 Skoda Fabia that caused the terrible accident Photo: MTI

However, the man rushed to the aid of those in trouble with amazing presence of mind. “My son was a volunteer soldier, he received some first aid training there. That’s how he started to revive the little girl who was thrown by the car” – he told Bors the father of the man who was among the first to rush to the aid of the life-threateningly injured child.

The little girl was in such a terrible condition that her rescuer at first thought that the child had lost her life. But in the evening he found out that he was still alive, but his condition was very serious.

“However, he repeatedly mentioned that while he was there, no one came to the little girl or looked for her, so it is not known with whom she could have come to the competition. He also told about another child who tried to pull his father up”

– the man told about horrible details.

It is not yet known how the little girl in critical condition is doing at the moment, but we know that even in these minutes they are fighting for their lives.

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