Director Zhora Kryzhovnikov discussed the second season with the screenwriter of “A Boy’s Words”


12/31/2023 13:40

Director Zhora Kryzhovnikov shared on his Instagram page* a hint about a possible second season of the series “The Boy’s Word.” In a photo published with screenwriter Andrei Zolotarev, Kryzhovnikov hinted that the showrunners were discussing the continuation of the project.

Screenwriter Zolotarev gave an idea of ​​how he would write the script for the second season. In this regard, director Kryzhovnikov expressed interest in the idea of ​​a second season, sharing a discussion with a colleague.

However, actress Anna Peresil and another participant in the series, Lev Zulkarnaev, expressed their doubts about the release of the second season. Peresil emphasized that she does not expect a continuation, and Zulkarnaev added that even the authors themselves do not always know whether the project will have a continuation, anticipating the inevitable pause.

Screenwriter Zolotarev previously stated that there are enough stories about the characters for two more seasons, but the final decision on the continuation will be made by director Kryzhovnikov.

*the owner of the social network, the Meta company, is recognized as extremist in Russia and is banned; the network is blocked on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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