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12/29/2023 20:12

Pruning an apple tree in winter has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the plant and brings excellent results in terms of the quantity and quality of the harvest. In winter, the structure of the entire tree is clearly visible. Gardeners told us what to pay attention to and how to do the job correctly.

Ring trimming

Ring pruning thins out the crown and increases access to sunlight. This also reduces the number of pests that overwinter under the tree bark. As a result, pruning has a positive effect on the harvest and increases the sugar content and juiciness of the fruit.

  • Dates

The optimal time is the end of February, suitable for sites in the Leningrad region. After this, the snow under the tree becomes less, which makes approaching the plant easier. If the garden is large, you can start work at the end of winter and complete it in early March. Advice: if it is impossible to approach the apple tree, do not rake the snow in the circle near the trunk, but trample it down.

  • Temperature conditions and choice of day

The optimal temperature for pruning is from -8°C to -10°C. In this case, the extreme value is -15°C. It is recommended to choose a day without precipitation, writes World of Gardening.

Pruning “to the outer bud”

  • Nature of the cuts

When choosing a bud on a shoot, focus on its outward direction. Cut off the excess above the bud by 0.5-1 cm at an angle. When pruning large branches, avoid leaving stumps, which can become an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.

Aim to make cuts with a slope of 45-60° and after trimming, cover the wounds with Garden Varnish or other suitable healing agents.

For older apple trees, it is recommended to lower the crown to increase sun exposure. This includes cutting the top above a side branch, adjusting the crown, removing weak and young branches at the top, and trimming cross branches that point inward and upward.

GOLDEN RULES FOR Pruning APPLE TREE. Now everything is clear!

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