Due to irregularities, the election will be repeated in several places in Serbia

The early parliamentary, provincial and municipal elections will be repeated in 35 polling stations on Saturday due to the irregularities experienced during the voting on December 17.

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The left-wing opposition has been protesting for days, demanding a repeat of the entire election process, but the national election commission has rejected all of its submissions.

On Saturday, 19,543 of the 6.5 million voters must go to the polls again between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

According to Bojan Klacar, head of the Center for Free Elections and Democracy (Cesid), even though the right-wing coalition called the National Assembly is close to the 3 percent entry threshold, it will not reach it even after the repeated voting, nor will it based on the results of the other starting lists. significantly change the new vote.

While the right-wing opposition more or less accepted the results of the December 17 vote, the left-wing opposition started protesting the day after the vote. The demonstration was led by representatives of the electoral list called Serbia Against Violence, who finished in second place in the election. According to the preliminary results of the national election commission, the list of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party won the national vote with 46.7 percent of the votes, while the list of the left-wing opposition alliance Serbia against violence came in second with 23.69 percent of the votes.

Marinika Tepic, the best-known politician of Serbia against violence, has been on hunger strike for the thirteenth day demanding a repeat of the election.

The President of the Republic, Aleksandar Vucic, expressed his hope that

after Saturday’s repeated elections, the election process can be concluded and its final results can be announced, so that Serbia does not waste any more time on this, because the new government has many important tasks ahead of it.

According to Serbian legislation, the parliament must be established within thirty days after the announcement of the final results of the election, and the new government must be established within ninety days after the inaugural session of the parliament. The Serbian Progressive Party has not yet announced who it will propose as prime minister.

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