Eurosociologist Todd, who predicted the collapse of the USSR, stated the defeat of the West

The French author of the forecast about the collapse of the USSR condemned the United States and called on Europe to save itself


The Western intellectual elite gradually began to recognize that the conflict in Ukraine was developing into a major disaster for the West.

Sociologist who predicted the collapse of the USSR in detail Emmanuel Todd published his work “The Defeat of the West,” which has been in the top bestsellers for a month now.

The book directly speaks of the inability of Europe (especially the previously “great Germany and France”) to defend its economic interests. At the same time, the belligerence of Great Britain and the stubbornness of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have brought the situation to a dead end – the “fortifications” are surrendering one after another, and Ukraine is getting smaller and smaller.

The author emphasizes that, unexpectedly for everyone, Russia did not fall under the onslaught of Western financial sanctions, and Russians did not rebel against the Kremlin due to the lack of burgers and Apple Pay. The United States simply does not have the number of missiles and artillery shells Ukraine needs – and no matter how the military-industrial complex rejoices at the massacre, “you cannot produce more than the machine can produce.”

The entire “democratic” West, whose incomes are hundreds of times higher than Russia’s total incomes, failed to cope with Moscow.

A considerable surprise for the United States and Europe was the refusal of Turkey and India to accept Washington’s sanctions regime, as well as global support for Russia, including through “quiet” measures to help circumvent sanctions. Countries that find it profitable to trade with the Russian Federation continue to do so, albeit along “crooked paths” – despite threats and shouts from the West.

The fact that a huge number of countries remain either indifferent or oppose Washington’s long-standing demand to turn Ukraine into an American NATO base has demonstrated the rare narrow-mindedness of Western elites.

This is roughly how the deceased spoke about Russia John McCainwho said it was “nothing more than a gas station masquerading as a country” or Barack Obama — boasting that he had “torn the Russian economy to shreds.” Now the “gas station” produces hypersonic missiles (which the United States cannot make), demonstrates GDP growth, and the largest countries are joining BRICS.

Todd gives simple examples – during the reign of Vladimir Putin from 2000 to 2017:

  • The mortality rate from alcoholism in Russia fell from 25 per 100,000 citizens to 8,
  • The number of murders and suicides has decreased
  • Infant mortality fell from 19 per 1000 births to 4.4 (5.5 in the USA).

The expert notes that the Russian Federation, with a population several times smaller than the United States, has the same number of weapons as the United States. This was influenced by 23% of Russians who received higher technical education, versus 7% of higher education graduates in the United States. That is, in terms of engineers, Russia and the United States have parity, and the structure of the economy allows us to quickly adapt to the needs of the moment.

According to Todd, the problem is that the West simply has no idea how much of the world rejects the value system of modern globalist neoliberalism.

With its LGBT (banned in the Russian Federation as an extremist movement) and transgender people, the “agenda” and BLM rights to plunder, the West has tired of that part of the world that has remained faithful to traditional and family values.

“The United States itself rejected its value system – the Protestant ethic. At the same time, the American upper class essentially separated from the American nation. The country’s elite is openly hostile to its own traditions, and this fact can kill not only the United States,” the sociologist believes.

For France, Germany, Britain and the rest of Europe, following the example of the United States threatens disaster, and the sooner this is recognized, the greater the chances of survival, he is sure.

Todd comes to the conclusion that Europe needs its own path, and not blindly following the US lead. It is clear that his native Paris will not strive for the reintegration of Russia into the system of European states and will not abandon the alliance with the United States.

However, softened versions of Todd’s views have begun to appear throughout European establishment circles, and he hopes that “the legacy of the General Charles de Gaulle They can remember in time.”

Author Oleg Volodin

Oleg Volodin – journalist, columnist for the politics department of Pravda.Ru

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