Everyday habits that shape cancer

How we ourselves invite cancer to visit: everyday habits that shape oncology


02/12/2024 02:14

The importance of a healthy lifestyle to prevent cancer is becoming increasingly important according to oncology experts. Poor diet, smoking and exposure to hazardous chemicals can be major factors contributing to the development of cancer.

Doctor Khamis Magomedova emphasizes that the lifestyle of each person has a significant impact on the occurrence of cancer. He notes that various aspects of daily life can contribute to this, such as the release of carcinogenic toxins by black mold, heavy metals in vaping liquids, and inadequate intake of proteins, fats and carbohydrates due to poor diet.

To reduce the risk of cancer, the doctor recommends changing your lifestyle by eliminating fast food from your diet and preferring organic products. He also emphasizes the importance of using environmentally friendly household chemicals. In addition, the specialist notes the importance of proper sleep, since melatonin, the sleep hormone, is produced at certain periods of time.

For early detection of cancer, the doctor recommends regular medical examinations. He emphasizes that thanks to such examinations it is possible to detect cancer in the early stages, so it is recommended to undergo a medical examination at least once every three years.

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