Everything was covered in the blood of a passenger, the Budapest-Abu Dhabi flight made an emergency landing

The woman first complained of feeling sick, then blood started pouring out of her.


It was like a horror movie, there was blood in pools in the bathroom, on the chairs and in the river, the lady’s children were crying, no one knew what to do

– the To blink this is what an eyewitness told about what happened on board the Wizz Air flight from Budapest to Abu Dhabi on Thursday afternoon. The woman fell ill shortly after take-off: she complained of feeling sick and then fainted.

The crew reassured the passengers that there was a doctor on board to attend to the woman, but the real panic started when she suddenly started bleeding

– said the eyewitness about the continuation. The captain decided to cut the trip short and made an emergency landing in Ankara, the Turkish capital.

An ambulance was waiting for the Wizz Air plane upon landing, they took the bleeding woman, who was also accompanied by her relatives. As far as the paper knows, the family of four would have traveled to Abu Dhabi for New Year’s Eve, the mother was operated on a few weeks ago – the scar after the operation may have ruptured, which caused the uncontrollable bleeding.

Wizz Air has not yet responded to Blikk’s questions.

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