Expert Kurochkin doubted the blocking of Telegram for the sake of fighting terrorism

Telegram will not be blocked in Russia for recruiting terrorists – Durov handed over the keys

The popular Telegram service is again mentioned in the context of terrorism. One of the perpetrators of the terrible terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall admittedthat the organizers of the massacre recruited him on Telegram, where he listened to sermons. Pravda.Ru asked cybersecurity expert Alexey Kurochkinwhat measures regarding the messenger are possible in this regard.

He questioned the advisability of blocking Telegram in order to combat terrorism.

“Why should they block an entire messenger? And if someone talks on the phone, then let’s block mobile communications? This is not entirely correct. Correspondence in the mail – let’s block email. This is wrong,” the specialist is convinced.

According to him, it is more profitable for intelligence agencies to cooperate with Telegram rather than block it.

“Remember, [основатель мессенджера Павел] Did Durov refuse to give out the keys? Most likely, this is a PR move to create more noise around Telegram. And he provided them anyway. If he had not provided them, then they would have blocked him. Our intelligence services have access to correspondence on Telegram. It is clear that they catch and find some, and do not find others. But this struggle is ongoing all the time,” explained Kurochkin.

He admitted that he doesn’t really believe the testimony of the detained terrorists about Telegram – it looks more like an attempt to confuse the investigation. “This still needs to be checked many times. When they start checking their words with real correspondence, checking them, then there will be some kind of answer to this matter,” the expert concluded.

Author Sergey Kobin

Sergey Kobin – journalist, correspondent for the Pravda.Ru news service

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