Farewell to Grishechkin: crying Maxim Miller, Tarzan and drunken Yulia Zakharova

Millet carries a photo of Grishechkin.  Photo: social networks of Vladimir Brilev

Millet carries a photo of Grishechkin. Photo: social networks of Vladimir Brilev

On September 19 in Moscow they said goodbye to Vyacheslav Grishechkin, who died at the age of 62. The actor, best known for his role as Old Horse from the TV series “Soldiers,” lost his heart. The farewell took place at the native Grishechkin Theater in the South-West. Then the funeral service took place in the Church of the Archangel Michael.

At the entrance to the Theater in the South-West there was a long line of people wishing to say goodbye to Colonel Starokon. Among them were friends, colleagues and fans of Vyacheslav Germanovich: Tarzan, Vladimir Steklov, Yulia Zakharovaproducer and founder of the “Artists for Russian Warriors” movement Diana Bicharova, Vladimir Brilev and others. The actor’s coffin, which was placed in the center of the assembly hall, was literally strewn with flowers.

Farewell at the grave.  Photo: Diana Bicharova

Farewell at the grave. Photo: Diana Bicharova

Diana Bicharova

Diana Bicharova

After the farewell, the coffin was carried out in the theater. Photo of Vyacheslav Grishechkin with a mourning ribbon carried by the director of the late artist Maxim Miller, who could hardly hold back his tears. Let us remember that for Miller, like for everyone else, the news of Grishechkin’s death came as a shock. He is sure that the actor was treated incorrectly.

“I have a clear feeling that something was overlooked, that the examination and diagnosis were not fully carried out. All this looks like medical negligence. And we need to deal with this,” Miller told KP.RU.

The actor’s only daughter Olga stood stoically. But Grishechkin’s colleague in the play, actress Yulia Zakharova, known for her role as Lena the Log in the TV series “Happy Together,” behaved extremely strangely. Videos have appeared on the network where Yulia speaks inarticulately and sends three letters to journalists.

“We still didn’t fully understand – either she was hysterical, or she was simply not sober,” producer and Grishechkin’s friend Diana Bicharova told KP.RU.

Photo: Diana Bicharova

Photo: Diana Bicharova

Let us remind you that Vyacheslav Grishechkin’s heart has been failing for a long time. He had a hard time with the death of his second wife – Anna died of cancer in 2017. The artist fell into depression and often “drenched” his grief… In early September of this year, Grishechkin was first taken to a rehabilitation center, and then in serious condition was transferred to a regular hospital. On September 15, the 61-year-old actor passed away.

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