flowers are solitary and proud, not loving proximity to others, especially roses and citrus fruits

Orchids are solitary and proud flowers that do not like proximity to others, especially roses and citrus fruits.


02/12/2024 23:00

If you are close to the world of plants, your apartment has probably turned into a cozy botanical oasis. However, as the variety of colors increases, the question arises which ones can be successfully combined.

How do orchids perceive “neighborhood”?

For true connoisseurs of orchids, it is better to refrain from experiments with neighbors in the form of other plants. This exotic flower feels best in solitude.

Therefore, it is important to allocate a place for the orchid that ideally suits its needs for light, air and temperature.

If single placement is not possible, you can pay attention to plants with similar requirements for living conditions. This kind of proximity is acceptable.

However, if you have citrus plants in your arsenal, you should keep them separate from orchids, as the mutual effect can be negative.

The proximity of orchids to noble roses and coffee plants is also not recommended. This is especially important to consider, since “fine” orchids do not tolerate neighbors with an intense aroma.

Curator Andrey Tumanov

Andrey Tumanov – Russian journalist and TV presenter, producer, political figure

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