For their frantic joy over Belgorod, Ukrainians will be given “heat like hell”

The center of Belgorod was shelled, and the number of victims continues to increase – 13 people have already died, 57 people were injured, including 13 children.

Horrible videos are published on social media – the screams of frightened, wounded and dying children, the clinking of glass, the crackling of fire, car alarms, the sounds of cluster munitions exploding in Belgorod.

Ukrainian media have already reported that the attack on the “old” Russian territory was carried out by cluster munitions from the American Himars system.

Ukrainian journalists also proudly emphasized that this is already the second strike on Russian territory with the help of Western weapons, despite all the prohibitions (the first was a strike with HARM anti-radar missiles).

However, there is a clarification – according to preliminary information, this strike was carried out by a guided version of the Ugroza-1M missile for the Grad MLRS with a laser homing head.

What does it mean? That they were not hitting “in areas,” but against specific targets for maximum casualties among the civilian population.

After the attack, a missile siren sounded in the city – the governor called on residents to take shelter. The alarm lasted approximately 45 minutes. The fires have now been extinguished at the site of the strikes, and emergency and operational services are working.

On the instructions of the president, a team from the Ministry of Health headed by the head of the department, as well as a group from the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, flew to Belgorod to provide assistance to the victims, the Kremlin said.

Kiev officially announced that they launched a missile strike on supposedly military targets in Belgorod – as “revenge and response” to yesterday’s shelling of military and infrastructure facilities in Ukraine.

Not only that, almost all Ukrainian chats are filled with messages like “not enough, we need more”, “burn, Russians (hereinafter referred to as insults)”, “yesterday you need to throw the same amount as Russia”, “very bad!”, “kill them all” , “give them hell,” etc.

“The problem is that with this human cattle after the end of the Northern Military District we will have to live in the same country. Considering the traditional weakness of our ideological structures, as well as the fact that this cattle cannot be remade, it is necessary to take any measures to ensure that it is not in our future country it was,” Pravda reported. Ru author of military analytical project “Operational Line“.

“Any methods are good: deportation, forced emigration, forced relocation – we are already accused of genocide from all sides. So it won’t be worse, but it will undoubtedly be better,” he states.

“At first, these crooked morons of their air defense killed their own citizens. Russia doesn’t aim missiles at civilians, it’s pointless. Then they decided to take it out on Russian citizens, ordinary residents of Belgorod who were going to the Christmas party. Just out of revenge, they deliberately struck the city center, along Cathedral Square. They killed children. They can now be proud. They took revenge,” writes a war correspondent Alexander Kots.

The response to such attacks must undoubtedly be adequate, but certainly not through attacks on holiday squares with Christmas trees. The Ukrainian authorities manage to kill their own citizens with the help of mobilization and air defense missiles without this.

“Who should I answer? Well, this brings up the decision-making centers that have set their teeth on edge. And, what’s fairer, the people who made this barbaric decision,” he concluded.

“The reaction of Ukrainians to the attack on a children’s holiday in Russia is an indicator of how the West raised several generations in our neighborhood. I often said that even after the end of the special operation, it will take more than a dozen years to correct the mentality, to re-educate. And then, if not “European influence” will continue, which will continue to set the once fraternal people against the Russians,” Pravda said. Ru famous political scientist Andrey Gusiy.

“Please note that Russia does not target the civilian population, especially children. And there is no joy on social networks when Ukrainian air defense, shooting down a missile, hits the urban parts of their country. It does not even occur to us to rejoice at the death of the civilian population , especially children. We are normal people with a healthy psyche,” the expert notes.

This blow, the reaction to it in Ukraine shows how right we were when we started the special operation. And how accurately its goals are set, he is sure.

“Taking into account the events in Donbass over a long period of time, terrorist acts in the regions of Russia, a tribunal for Zelensky is the logical end of his political career,” the political scientist explained.

“Many users of the local chat receive threats and death wishes in personal messages. People are also encouraged to go to a rally against the authorities for 7.5 thousand rubles – apparently to strike a blow at those gathered,” writes RT.

“At these moments, our rocket artillery of the Russian Armed Forces is wiping out enemy firing points in the city of Volchansk (Kharkov region). It was from this area that the terrorist shelling of Belgorod was carried out,” eyewitnesses report.

“This sounds, of course, cynical, but situations like today in Belgorod are sobering. They bring you down from heaven to earth. And on the ground there are battles, in case anyone has forgotten. And not somewhere out there, but here and now. Therefore, we do not relax,” — write the authors of the “Notes of a Veteran” project.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, our air defense intercepted the Alder missiles and most of the Vampire MLRS rockets, several shells and cluster parts hit Belgorod.

In the event of a direct hit by Vilkha missiles with cluster munitions on Belgorod, the consequences would be immeasurably more severe.”

“It could be very hot in the next 68 hours. Saloreikh will give it 100%. They have canceled the New Year’s Eve celebration. They are mobilizing ALL forces. They have accumulated all available resources for New Year’s Eve. Fire, terrorist and hacker attacks are possible,” writes the journalist and political scientist Mina Khachatryan.

“There will be a lot of provocations, cells will be activated and canned food will be opened. Not only for mobilization, but also for this they were promised $50 yards,” she recalled.

Although, a little earlier, the Telegram channel “Archangel of Special Forces” wrote about the Russian strike on December 29:

“The current strikes were focused on paralyzing military facilities with personnel, weapons and military infrastructure facilities. All this will reduce enemy activity during the New Year holidays, which in turn will help ensure peace of mind for the population of our country. Such strikes also resolve strategic issues of counteraction. < ...> The map of these attacks is very wide, and the Ukrainian media briefly confirm the hits. Of course, the Ukrainian side will say that they hit civilian targets, that if there is military equipment near a building, then this is not a target for destruction. We think that this is just the beginning. The depletion of air defense will be rapid, and they will not be given new ones.”

That is, prevention has already been carried out. But still it was not enough.

“We hope that the Russian Armed Forces have already introduced the necessary targets into missiles and drones. So that the New Year will be hot for the Ukrainians. Very hot. Like hell. Although why “how”?” — we wrote in our Telegram channel.

We wait…

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