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How to Maintain Your Hollywood Smile: Forget These Products Exist


02/12/2024 19:33

Dentist Luiza Avtandilyan identified six foods that negatively affect dental health.

The specialist recalled that sugar contributes to the development of caries, so it is recommended to limit the consumption of sweets and rinse your mouth after eating them. The same should be done after drinking carbonated drinks.

Avtandilyan emphasized that nuts and crackers are also harmful due to their hard texture, which can damage tooth enamel.

Chips and other snacks containing starch and sugar are also unhealthy.

“Moreover, particles of carbohydrate foods can stick to the surface of the teeth and linger in the periodontal grooves, creating an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria that contribute to the development of caries,” the dentist emphasized.

Specialist Mikhailovsky Alexey

Conducts treatment planning based on the results of comprehensive medical diagnostics and computed tomography, treatment of various dental pathologies, all types of dental implantation

Specialist Lushanin Mikhail

Engaged in the restoration of dentition in the absence of all or some teeth using implant materials and equipment and using various implantation techniques

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