Former CSKA coach Olic told what he would do if he were offered a job at Spartak or Zenit

Former CSKA coach Olic told what choice he would make between working at Spartak or Zenit


02/12/2024 21:12

Former footballer and CSKA coach Ivica Olic spoke about the theoretical possibility of working for Zenit from St. Petersburg or Spartak from Moscow.

The coach said that the decision to work in any club in the world requires serious consideration, and the choice between Spartak and Zenit would be difficult for him. Olic pointed out the need to understand what goals and plans a particular club has.

However, when Olic was the coach of CSKA, he stated that he did not consider the option of moving to Spartak.

“It’s a difficult question. If an offer comes from any club in the world, you have to sit down and think. You have to look at what the club wants, what its desires, goals and plans are. About principled teams: I work as a professional. But if you asked me when I was the coach of CSKA, I would have said: “No, I won’t go to Spartak,” Olic said, as quoted by Metaratings.

Olic successfully played for CSKA from 2003 to 2006, becoming a three-time Russian champion, a two-time winner of the National Cup and a UEFA Cup winner. In March 2021, he was appointed head coach of CSKA Moscow, but later left his post in June. Olic currently holds the position of assistant coach in the Croatian national team.

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