Garik Kharlamov wrote a letter to Santa Claus and ridiculed his divorce from Asmus


12/29/2023 18:02

Comedian Garik Kharlamov published a funny video on his Instagram* in which he wrote a letter to Santa Claus with unconventional wishes. He expressed a desire to receive a gift in the form of the ability to conclude a marriage contract, explaining that he had only just realized his inability to write with a pen. Kharlamov also joked about wanting to go to the toilet at the same time to avoid surprises.

The comedian asked Santa Claus for a recommendation for a good urologist, pointing out that the fairy-tale character is already quite a few years old. He also asked not to sweat, not to know Instasamka’s song “For money, yes,” and also to become the president of Costa Rica and a watermelon.

Garik Kharlamov and actress Kristina Asmus announced their divorce in 2020, but continued to maintain friendly relations and even lived in the same house. In April 2023, Asmus announced her move.

*included in the register of prohibited sites in the Russian Federation

Author Angelina Efremova

Angelina Efremova – freelance correspondent for Pravda.Ru, student at Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov

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