He appeared as Damon Hill – according to Gergely Gulyás, Péter Magyar’s balloon burst: “He’s the new Márki-Zay!”

Prime Minister Gergely Gulyás shared a post on his Facebook page shortly after Péter Magyar, former head of the Student Loan Center and ex-husband of former justice minister Judit Varga, made public the long-awaited audio recording. The recording was made in June 2023 and may be used as evidence in the Völner-Schadl case, on which Judit Varga can also be heard.

Photo: Gergely Gulyás’ Facebook page

Gergely Gulyás wrote in his post:

Shock for nothing. The balloon popped! A family dispute with a bullied wife has nothing to do with public life. Péter Magyar is the new Márki-Zay! The only difference is that Péter Márki-Zay did not terrorize his wife

Gulyás wrote.

Gergely Gulyás has not appeared in public since the government information on February 16. According to the government, he underwent surgery at the end of February and will return after Easter.

Péter Magyar will be heard again on Tuesday morning by the Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office. After his hearing on Wednesday, he claimed that Antal Rogán or his people had previously manipulated the prosecution documents. He confirmed this with an audio recording, which he made public on Tuesday morning. The recording was made in their home in January 2023, and Judith Varga can be heard calling the cabinet a “mafia government”.

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