How many hairs are there on the human body?


12/31/2023 21:21

The average person is born with approximately 100 thousand hair follicles on their head. Each bulb can grow hair. This number is, of course, approximate, but gives an idea.

For more accurate information, you should pay attention to scientific data.

The amount of hair on the head depends on the color of the hair, and not only the shade itself plays a role, but also the quality of the skin. The thickness of the skin determines the strength of the hair, which affects the total number of hairs on the head. According to data from the Harvard BioNumbers database, the average distribution of hair counts is as follows:

  • Blondes – 150 thousand
  • Brown-haired – 110 thousand
  • Brunettes – 100 thousand
  • Redheads – 90 thousand

It is necessary to take into account that hair does not grow constantly, but goes through three stages of development: anagen (active growth), catagen (intermediate phase), telogen (loss). At any given time, 85–90% of the hair on the head is actively growing, the rest are in resting phases or have already fallen out.

If you want to know exactly the amount of hair on your head, consult a professional trichologist. A computer phototrichogram will help determine the number of hair follicles per centimeter of the scalp. Carrying out this procedure twice with a short interval will also give information about the rate of hair growth and the percentage of hair in different phases of development.

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