How often and how much water should you drink during a running workout?

How often and how much water should you drink during a running workout?


03/24/2024 18:23

Drinking during exercise plays an important role in maintaining optimal hydration levels and maintaining workout performance. Lack of fluid in the body can lead to poor physical performance, poor concentration, decreased stamina and the risk of heat stroke. “Championship” reminds us of this.

In general, for exercise lasting up to 50 minutes at a comfortable temperature, no additional hydration is required during the run if hydration levels are normal before exercise. It is important to replenish fluid reserves before training and restore losses after it.

However, for longer duration workouts, especially in high temperature or high intensity environments, it is important to regularly replenish your body’s water reserves. It is recommended to drink approximately 100-200 ml of water every 15-20 minutes, without waiting for thirst to appear.

It is also important to take into account the individual characteristics of the body, such as the tendency to sweat, tolerance of high temperatures and individual fluid needs. Some people may require more fluid to maintain optimal hydration levels.

Reminder for drinking during training:

  • Drink water regularly throughout your workout without waiting until you become thirsty.
  • Consider the training conditions (duration, intensity, ambient temperature).
  • Replenish fluids before and after exercise to minimize the risk of dehydration.

Remember that staying hydrated during exercise will help you maintain optimal levels of performance and ensure that you can exercise comfortably.

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