How Using Fabric Softener Can Keep Your Toilet Squeaky Clean


02/12/2024 02:18

Unpleasant odors, yellow stains and rust are common problems in many toilets. Although the household chemicals market promises a solution to all these unpleasant issues, sometimes purchased products do not live up to expectations. However, cunning housewives have found an unusual solution – using fabric softener as an effective means of maintaining freshness and cleanliness in the toilet.

Why pour fabric softener into the tank?

  • Firstly, the conditioner acts as a freshener, eliminating the unpleasant odor after each flush. This means savings on additional air fresheners and a pleasant aroma in the air.
  • Secondly, the air conditioner successfully copes with rust, creating a protective film on the walls of the toilet, which prevents the accumulation of limescale.
  • Thirdly, using an air conditioner turns out to be more economical compared to purchasing specialized chemicals. Their concentration allows you to use only a small amount.

Of course, you shouldn’t overuse it. Simply fill a plastic bottle halfway with water and conditioner, poke a few holes in the cap, and place it in the reservoir. Now each flush is accompanied by a pleasant aroma, and the walls of the toilet remain clean. This method is not only effective, but also economical, since water from the bottle is mixed with water from the tank.

Despite the disagreements of some plumbers, the decision to use an air conditioner for the toilet remains at the discretion of each housewife.

Author Peter Deryabin

Petr Deryabin – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

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