how your choices reflect your personality

The Psychology of Car Colors: How Your Choices Reflect Your Personality


02/13/2024 22:41

Male car enthusiasts are not inferior to women behind the wheel when it comes to choosing the color of their car.

When choosing a specific shade for their car, the buyer may not think about it, but it is unlikely that he is guided by practicality or logic. Psychologists say that there is a lot behind these preferences.

  • Silver metallic (wet asphalt, graphite): the driver of such a car is most often a phlegmatic person. He is always calm and predictable, does not strive to impress others, and, as a rule, follows traffic rules. His success and financial well-being are the result of hard work. Such a person does not waste himself on trifles, considers himself special and values ​​his time.
  • Beige (cappuccino, coffee with milk): This shade is most often chosen by dreamers and romantics. They do not neglect practicality – a car of this color does not require frequent washing.
  • Grey: The owner of a gray car prefers not to stand out among other cars. This color helps him maintain his distance from the outside world. He does not seek to attract unnecessary attention to himself and prefers to be invisible.
  • Yellow: Extroverts prefer this bright color. They are ready to go to great lengths to escape the ordinary and feel like they are in a fairy tale with a happy ending. They are always on trend, characterized by an innovative approach and determination, but at the same time easily adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Orange: This color is associated with the sun, fire and the energy of life. The owner of an orange car strives to add more vivid emotions to his life, but is sometimes prone to overexcitement.
  • Red: This color speaks of the driver as a leader both on the road and in life in general. Passionate and adventurous, he always strives for success, but can be quick-tempered and selfish.
  • Violet: A person with a preference for the color purple is usually creative and original. It is rarely seen on the road, but when it appears, it attracts attention. Such people often make decisions intuitively and achieve their goals.
  • Blue: The owner of a blue car is a symbol of calm and tranquility. Reliable and practical, he deserves the trust of others and easily resolves controversial issues thanks to his tact.
  • Blue (azure): This heavenly shade speaks of lightness and carefreeness. The owner of such a car is usually a cheerful and sociable person, always ready for a holiday.
  • Green: The choice of this color indicates that the driver has calm energy and lack of aggression. He strives to please others and stands out for his honesty and self-control.
  • White: cars of this color are most often chosen by indecisive aesthetes. White color gives confidence and elegance, but the owners of such cars often avoid new acquaintances, as they are looking for harmony and ideal.
  • Black: This color symbolizes classic style with a touch of sass. Those who choose black are usually demanding of both themselves and others. They have excellent self-control, but behind this lies the desire to deceive their fate and the demand for respect and recognition.

Author Makar Gorshenin

Makar Vadimovich Gorshenin is a student at the Moscow University of Finance and Law, a freelance correspondent for Pravda.Ru.

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