Human rights are a priority for the Public Prosecution Office – Al-Youm 24

The Crown Prosecutor at the Court of Cassation, Chief Public Prosecutor, Hassan Daki, confirmed that Morocco accompanied its engagement with the Convention against Torture with many reforms to fulfill its obligations arising from it, especially at the level of its national laws, which witnessed continuous reforms aimed at integrating the provisions of this Convention into its requirements.

Al-Daki highlighted, in a speech during a training course on “Individual Communications under the Convention against Torture,” on Monday in Marrakesh, that the 2011 Constitution is considered the most important of these reforms, by stipulating that international agreements, as ratified by Morocco, be made within the scope of the provisions of the Constitution and the laws of the Kingdom, Its established national identity immediately transcends national legislation, and it also stipulates that it should work to make this legislation compatible with what is required by that ratification.

He added that since the adoption of the 2011 Constitution, which was characterized by strengthening guarantees for the protection of human rights, King Mohammed VI has been keen to keep pace with all projects related to implementing its requirements through his directives, including what was stated in the royal message addressed to the participants in the international debate on the occasion of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. On December 7, 2023.

Al-Daki stressed that the Public Prosecution Office has been involved for years in national efforts aimed at preventing and combating torture through the adoption of many measures and initiatives, out of awareness that strengthening the guarantees for the protection of human rights in the Moroccan Constitution, as well as strengthening Morocco’s involvement in the international human rights system, has led to Increased responsibility of all parties concerned with preventing torture.

In this context, he highlighted the great importance that the issue of human rights protection has been given to the concerns and priorities of the Presidency of the Public Prosecution since its establishment, through many initiatives and programs that it has adopted, including, in particular, the program to strengthen the capabilities of judges in the field of human rights, which the Presidency has initiated. The Public Prosecution Office implemented it in December 2020.

Al-Daki pointed out, on the other hand, that organizing this training course falls within the efforts made by the Presidency of the Public Prosecution in the field of keeping pace with the Kingdom’s involvement in the international human rights system in general, and following up on its interaction with the United Nations mechanisms concerned with human rights in particular, with the aim of enhancing the implementation of international standards. Human rights emanating from the nine basic conventions that Morocco has ratified and committed to implementing their provisions.

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