“I was wrong, I made a mistake” – here is Zoltán Balog’s announcement

Zoltán Balog called together the deacons of the Reformed Church on Tuesday morning to report on the grace scandal, or, as he put it, “to discuss the attacks on the church and give a response.”

Photo: MTI/Lajos Soós

Four fifths of those invited attended the meeting, and 86 percent voted for him

– announced Zoltán Balog, the president of the synod, in his video statement published on Tuesday evening. He “gratefully thanks” for this.

Balog also announced that, if necessary, he is ready to convene a meeting of our highest legislative body, the Synod.

As he said, they reject any effort that wants to drag their church into a matter with which it has nothing to do.

Not a single body of our church dealt with requests for mercy, nor does it deal with them

The video showed that he supported K. Endre getting a pardon, but said he made a mistake and apologizes for it.

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