ideas for cozy relaxation, games and work

Maximize the use of your balcony: ideas for cozy relaxation, play and work


03/24/2024 19:44

Use the balcony wisely, turning it into a cozy place to relax, play area or study. However, it is important to show responsibility when arranging this space even at the renovation stage in order to avoid mistakes that could ruin its appearance.

The mistake is to use cheap and short-lived materials. It is better to give preference to materials that correspond to those from which the house was originally built. They can also be refreshed or restored. It is also important to provide insulation, but radiators should not be placed on the balcony.

Do not use the balcony for storing old things, this interferes with its use. You should also avoid excess decor, which can create visual clutter.

Choosing large furniture that takes up a lot of space is also not a good idea.

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