II. Queen Margaret of Denmark abdicates her throne

II. Margaret, Europe’s longest-reigning queen, unexpectedly abdicated the throne of Denmark.

II. Margit is adored by the Danish people. source: Youtube

II. Margit announced her departure in her New Year’s speech on December 31 – writes the BBC. The Queen will remain on the throne until January 14, waiting for the 52nd anniversary of her accession to the throne. II. Since the death of Elizabeth II. Margaret was the longest-reigning European monarch.

He owes his throne to a constitutional amendment in 1953, since then the Danish throne can be inherited by the female line. IX. Frigyes had three daughters, the first being Margit. Born in 1940, the Danish queen is popular among her subjects. many believed he would remain in power until his death. However, his son, 55-year-old Frigyes, will ascend the throne in two weeks.

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