Indistinguishable from a regular ARVI – virologist Chepurnov spoke about what the coronavirus looks like now

The “omicron” coronavirus currently circulating in our country is much weaker than the first strains of Covid, experts say


02/13/2024 16:55

Professor of Virology, Head of the Laboratory of Particularly Dangerous Infections at the Federal Research Center for Basic and Translational Medicine Alexander Chepurnov spoke about the symptoms of the current coronavirus and measures to prevent it.

Stuffy nose, headache, muscle aches – “omicron” is practically indistinguishable from a common respiratory viral disease. But in terms of complications, Covid of January 2024 is not similar to its predecessor. The coronavirus no longer strives to infect the lungs. Fortunately, experts say.

“In this version of omicron, it is like this – neither stronger nor weaker. Then there are individual moments for each patient. At the moment, most of all it is tracheitis, bronchitis. Less often it goes further, like many other viruses,” says the doctor.

To prevent coronavirus, experts recommend adhering to the same rules as for regular ARVI.

“Minimize contacts if possible. Because, otherwise, you need to go into the same things. This is a mask. What we don’t like. Then, lo and behold, a modernized vaccine will appear, which is much closer to the current antigenic composition of this pathogen. Physical education. Usual measures against ARVI,” advises Alexander Chepurnov.

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