instincts take over everything

Why cats prefer night walks: instincts take precedence over everything


03/25/2024 22:47

Cats are mysterious creatures that attract attention with their unpredictable habits. One of these habits is their night walks. Why do cats prefer to become more active at night?

First, it should be noted that cats are carnivores by nature. And although many domestic cats do not feel the need to hunt for food, their instincts are still strong. Night is the time when most animals come out hunting, and cats are no exception. They like to chase mice, birds and other animals that become more active in the dark.

Secondly, the night provides cats with more spaces for self-expression and exploration. During the day, their lives can be spent sleeping or relaxing in the sun, while at night the environment becomes quieter and calmer, allowing cats to roam freely and explore their territory without unnecessary disturbances.

It is also worth considering that cats have excellent night vision. Their eyes contain a large number of light-sensitive cells, making them excellent hunters in the dark. This allows them to successfully move and hunt at night, when most other animals have difficulty due to lack of light.

Don’t forget about the safety factor. Night provides cats with more opportunities to hide from potential dangers such as dogs, cars, or other cats. They can remain undetected and avoid confrontations, making night walks safer for them.

Finally, night walks can also be a manifestation of social behavior. Cats are territorial animals and may mark their territory or encounter other cats at night. It is a way of communicating and establishing social connections that is important to them.

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