Investigation of a police employee suspected of possessing and promoting drugs – Today 24

The General Directorate of National Security issued a decision, today, Friday, to temporarily suspend from work a police employee with the rank of lieutenant colonel, after opening an investigation against him by the Regional Service of the Judicial Police in the city of Salé, to determine the circumstances of his involvement in the possession and promotion of drugs and psychotropic substances.

The suspected policeman, who works in a public security barracks in the city of Rabat, showed that his administrative file showed that he was the subject of several disciplinary measures during his career.

This policeman caught the suspect red-handed in possession of a kilogram and a half of the drug Shera and an amount of kif powder, as well as a sum of money suspected to be the proceeds of drug trafficking.

The search operation carried out at his home in the city of Salé also resulted in the seizure of a total of 1,442 medical pills, consisting of several types and categories of medicine. The suspect was also kept in custody.

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