István Tiborcz does not want to be a participant in political battles – this is how he reacted to Péter Magyar’s statements

In addition to the activities of Minister Antal Magyar Péter Rogán, he also harshly criticized the enrichment of the Prime Minister’s son-in-law in Partizán’s broadcast on Monday.

Photo: Facebook / Viktor Orbán

Also on his social page addressed a few words to István Tiborcz:

You are a really talented person, at the age of 37 you have 100 billion, lots of hotels, banks, fund managers, lots of former valuable state real estate, Waberer’s, half of the Belgrade office market, Budapest office buildings that haven’t even been built yet (already leased to state companies). And that’s just what you already have in your name, isn’t it? What other companies are you taking over lately? In total, how many government loans or subsidies did you receive/take over to put together your portfolio? What’s your secret?

István Tiborcz, the prime minister’s son-in-law, responded to Péter Magyar’s statements to RTL.

As before, I am available to you and the press regarding my economic activities and social involvement. But as before, I do not want to be a participant in political battles in the present. There are people who want to gain political power after leaving the economic life, and there are those who try to create value in the economic life by saving our architectural heritage and creating jobs. We’re not the same

– he said.

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