Just 15 minutes of exercise will improve your figure


12/31/2023 09:11

Scientists from the University of Glasgow conducted a 1.5-month experiment to determine the effective duration of training. The results showed that exercising for just 15 minutes three times a week can lead to noticeable changes in your body shape and improved health.

The study found that after just two weeks of this training schedule, participants noticed an increase in muscle strength and a 16% improvement in insulin sensitivity. This is important for people with type II diabetes associated with insulin resistance. Even for overweight participants, 15-minute workouts were almost as effective as 45-minute workouts.

The study’s organizers do not call for reducing training time, but emphasize that even 15 minutes several times a week can bring noticeable results. Thus, even in limited time, you can achieve noticeable improvements in physical fitness and health.

Author Oleg Loginov

Oleg Loginov – student at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, freelance correspondent for Pravda.Ru

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