Laima Vaikule caused a new scandal with a vile statement about the USSR and Russia

Laima Vaikule continues to make vile statements while sitting in Latvia

Laima Vaikule continues to make vile statements while sitting in Latvia

Photo: TASS

Laima Vaikule, which some time ago declared that it “fed the entire Soviet Union,” came out with a new revelation. The singer with a blue eye said that the USSR did not give her anything. And then she said that she would never sing in Russia again.

Laima Vaikule continues to make vile statements while sitting in Latvia. She was once again struck by memories. The singer said that it was not her country that made her famous, but fate and “her grandmother who sang in the church choir.”

“The union has nothing to do with it. It didn’t give me anything good other than bad,” – Vaikule said in an interview with a Ukrainian channel. And then she added that she would never set foot in Russia. “I will never perform in Russia again,” the artist suddenly promised.

At the same time, just the day before it became known that after a series of anti-Russian statements and provocations by the mannered blonde, a decision had been made remove her songs from Russian radio and television. Such hits of the artist as “Vernissage” and “I went out to Piccadilly” have already been cut from the airwaves.

Let us note that many Russians accuse Laima of settling in Latvia 68-year-old singer turned away from Russia. People don’t understand how a performer can have such a bad attitude towards the country in which she not only made her brilliant career, but also thanks to which she earned millionsby purchasing real estate around the world.

Even Maria Zakharova could not remain silent. An official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed the opinion of Russians with devastating precision: “Brothers! They brought us news! It turns out that Laima Vaikule contained the USSR, and Alla Pugacheva – all of Russia. It remains to be understood who supported those who bought concert tickets and records, launched rockets into space and built factories.”


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