Latest news about the situation around Ukraine on September 17, 2023: what is known about group strikes on Ukrainian Armed Forces targets, will the US supply ATACMS missiles to Kyiv

President Zelensky is fighting for the possibility of supplying Ukrainian grain to Europe.

President Zelensky is fighting for the possibility of supplying Ukrainian grain to Europe.


In the Kupyansk and Kharkov areas, according to rumors, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are already preparing for evacuation; the first nationalized properties of the Ukrainian rich were sold in Crimea; a memorial plaque to Alexander Pushkin was removed in Kiev.

These and other news around Ukraine are in the Komsomolskaya Pravda article.

Let’s start with the main thing for the week, which was at the Ministry of Defense briefing:

– Our troops, or rather the unit of the Western group, have improved their position in the Kupyansk direction.

– Over the course of a week, Russian troops carried out systematic attacks on port infrastructure facilities, places of production and storage of Ukrainian maritime drones. According to the Ministry of Defense, 11 group strikes were carried out. Also within a week, 12 naval drones and three high-speed boats with troops on board were destroyed.

– On Monday, September 11, the Dolgintsevo airfield (Krivoy Rog region) was attacked. Two enemy MiG-29s and three Su-25s were destroyed.

– Over the past week, our troops repelled five counterattacks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Kupyansky direction, 18 in Zaporozhye, 13 in Krasnolimansky and 34 in Donetsk. Enemy losses amounted to 2,500 military personnel.

– Over the course of a week, our air defense intercepted 19 HIMARS missiles and destroyed 270 Ukrainian drones.


– President Zelensky is fighting for the possibility of supplying Ukrainian grain to Europe. In a telephone conversation with Ursula von der Leyen (head of the European Commission), he thanked her for her decision not to extend the embargo. However, her colleague, European Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski, a Pole by origin, does not agree with Mrs. von der Leyen. He literally stated the following: “Poland will fight for a pan-European embargo on Ukrainian grain.” Slovakia will generally extend the ban on grain imports from Ukraine until the end of the year. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban called Ukrainian grain a commercial product, and an American one at that. Quote: “We were deceived with Ukrainian grain. And poor African children don’t see a single kilogram of bread.”

There is also a big question regarding the US supply of ATACMS ballistic missiles to Ukraine. The Pentagon said no decision has been made on this issue yet. And that it is unlikely to appear in the near future. Although Kyiv hoped that it would be announced in the coming days, or even better, right during the meeting between Zelensky and Biden on September 21. But this won’t happen.

In Ukraine, the persecution of everything Russian continues. In Kyiv, the memorial plaque to Alexander Pushkin was dismantled. “Pushkin was in this house in 1821.” There is a question about the demolition of the monument to the liberator soldier in Kharkov. And the mayor of the capital, ex-boxer Vitaliy Klitschko, signed a decree on the closure of 74 Orthodox churches of the UOC.

Meanwhile, mobilization along the Square is no longer progressing by leaps and bounds. It seems that the shortage of fighters is so serious that women, including pregnant women, will soon begin to be drafted. Today, September 16, a special military uniform for soldiers in position was presented in Kyiv. Will a special pregnant body armor help? Despite the fact that the Poltava military commissar Berezhnoy said that out of every 100 mobilized last fall, 10-20 people remained. “The rest were either killed or injured,” he said.

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