Legion “Freedom of Russia” * – a project of the special services in the “wrapper” of the ROA

Legion of traitors “Freedom of Russia” * – a media product, a puppet of the CIA and GUR and the heirs of Vlasov

In connection with the ongoing events in the Belgorod region, it is probably worth recalling a number of articles in which collaborators were described. I mentioned earlier RDK* And Freikorpstheir ideology and, so to speak, shameful path of fall were highlighted.

The time has come for such an organization as the “Legion “Freedom of Russia”*.

The Legion, seemingly just another gathering of nationalists, upon closer examination turns into a bunch of traitors.

According to statements by Ukrainian officials in 2022, the legion was created from among captured military personnel who were taken prisoner or went over to the enemy side with weapons in their hands. There is also some information about Russian citizens who specifically, through third countries, entered Ukraine to participate in LSR actions*.

Stolypin is a strange idol for traitors

The organization preaches a clear idealistic worldview, calling for the “overthrow of the Putin regime” by armed means and the establishment of a democratic form of government, while for some reason quoting Stolypin.

Let me remind you, Peter Stolypin was a supporter of a rigid vertical control system in its monarchical form. During the period in which this statesman was in power, “Stolypinism”, as a period of the most severe reaction, became synonymous with such concepts as cruelty, abuse of power, hatred and denoted the actions of the punitive machine of the state, turning into atrocities.

The expressions “Stolypin ties” and “Stolypin carriages” firmly entered the everyday life of Russian people at the beginning of the twentieth century as euphemisms. Stolypin encouraged the actions of military courts, which imposed the death penalty without a trial, with a complete restriction of the rights of the accused to a lawyer and the right to appeal to a higher court.

It was at the instigation of Pyotr Arkadyevich that the so-called “electoral qualification” was introduced. Repeatedly, when “pushing through” bills convenient for Stolypin, he personally turned to the Tsar for patronage, bypassing the requirements of the State Duma and the State Council.

It was he who took the initiative to dissolve the Second State Duma as an “inconvenient” and too “popular” formation. Let me remind you that this Duma was dominated by representatives of the peasantry, Trudoviks, Social Democrats and Cadets, while the monarchists remained in the minority. Therefore, Emperor Nicholas II announced dissolution.

Naturally, Pyotr Arkadyevich is an outstanding statesman who, based on his worldview, tried to equip Russia in the best possible way. But even at that time, even then, many of his circle understood that the reforms carried out by Stolypin and at his instigation were much late and untimely. Stolypin was never able to bring his agrarian reform to fruition. And because of the cruelty he showed as Minister of Internal Affairs during the years of “tightening the screws,” as well as because of constant confrontations with the State Duma, he went down in people’s memory and in history as a strangler of freedoms, democracy and the people’s will.

It is precisely the worldview of this person, or rather in his image and likeness, that the legionnaires prophesy to our ideology?

PR stunt with an attempt to put pressure on the morale of Russians

Flirting with “true people’s democracy” and pressing for “liberation” from some kind of “yoke” has also been tested Vlasov (especially revealing the concentration of anti-Soviet and ideologically charged fascist nonsense in the Smolensk Declaration of December 27, 1942). And now, in essence and in form, his ideological successors from the legion are again trying to repeat the attempt to create a full-fledged ROA, modeled on 1941-1945?

The Legion is just a PR stunt, an ideologically charged attempt to put pressure on the population and the morale of the military. The unit is not distinguished by its high combat effectiveness and large numbers. Some of the servicemen, whose names were announced as having allegedly gone over to the side of the legion, actually returned during the exchange of prisoners to the Russian Federation.

This unit is not capable of solving operational problems or achieving major goals. Again due to its extreme small numbers. A number of sources have shown that legionnaires are more likely to “earn” media weight, rather than stubbornly fight knee-deep in mud day after day, storming enemy trenches.

Naturally, the legion remains dangerous due to its purpose. Mobile, few in number, well-promoted, its participants can act rather in one capacity. Namely, for the terrorist method of warfare and ideological pressure in certain areas along the border. Their actions clearly reveal the hand of seasoned intelligence services, with extensive experience in conducting psychological and sabotage operations on enemy territory.

Both the Main Intelligence Directorate and the SBU have become proficient in this method of conducting special operations over the eight years of confrontation in Donbass. And given their strong “friendship” with their older brothers from the CIA, the intelligence community of the French Republic and the BND of Germany, it becomes clear who indirectly directs the legionnaires to certain tasks.

* Terrorist organizations banned in Russia

Author Alexey Goncharov

Alexey Goncharov is a freelance writer for the media holding Pravda.Ru

Curator Alexander Artamonov

Alexander Artamonov – military observer, editor of the French version, presenter of the “Control Shot” reviews – on the channel of the media holding “Pravda.Ru”

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