LMP would ban fireworks

The LMP is initiating a ban on fireworks, the party’s co-chairman announced at an online press conference on Saturday.

Photo: Facebook / Erzsébet Schmuck

The party would abolish the use of fireworks on New Year’s Eve by amending the Weapons Act regulating the use of pyrotechnic devices

Erzsébet Schmuck said.

The proposal would prohibit the use of pyrotechnic devices in the interior of all settlements, except for events supervised by a pyrotechnician

he added.

The opposition politician believed that the roar accompanying the light show seriously burdens the nervous system of the elderly and sick, and pets are also frightened, they do not know where to escape.

LMP is sure that the New Year can be celebrated with friends and loved ones without harming the environment or causing suffering to our fellow humans or the animals that live with us.

From next year, New Year’s Eve should be a holiday for everyone, people and animals alike

– said Erzsébet Schmuck at the press conference.

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