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Effective Laundry Techniques for Travel: Keep Clean Without Breaking the Bank


03/25/2024 18:26

While traveling, situations arise when laundry becomes necessary, but access to a laundry facility is limited or expensive. However, there are several methods for washing clothes while traveling that can help you keep things clean without breaking the bank.

One of the most affordable and effective ways to wash things while traveling is by hand. You’ll need detergent such as dishwashing liquid or a special hand-washing detergent, clean water, and a place to rinse and wring out your laundry. Fill the sink or bathtub with water, add detergent, place the items and wash them well. Then rinse thoroughly in clean water and squeeze out excess water. Finally, rinse the items again in clean water and hang to dry.

Dry wash
If you don’t have access to water or want to freshen things up without doing a full wash, you can use dry laundry detergents. There are special dry wash sprays and wipes that help remove stains and refresh fabrics. Simply spray onto dirty areas, let it soak in and then gently wipe off.

Car trunk
For those traveling by car, you can use the trunk washing method. First, the laundry is soaked in a container with water and detergent, and then sealed. As you move, your clothes will float around in the foaming water, like a washing machine. Upon arrival, wash, dry, and then air dry.

Laundry bags
There are special laundry bags on the market that allow you to wash clothes directly in your bag or in the bathroom. They usually contain detergent and special internal washing facilities. Simply place items in the bag, add water and detergent, then massage and wring the items to thoroughly saturate them with detergent. After this, rinse and wring out the items. This method is convenient and fast, especially for small wash volumes.

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