MÁV-Volán warns: New Year’s Eve will turn the usual schedule upside down

It will be worth planning ahead.

Illustration: MTI/Zoltán Balogh

The traffic schedule of MÁV-START, Volánbusz and HÉV services changes on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

– announced the MÁV-Volán group on Friday. According to the information, the trains on December 31st, they will run according to the holiday schedule, on January 1st, on Sundays, and from January 2nd, they will run according to the usual working day schedule. They added that on some lines the trains run with more cars than usual on other weekends.

THE buses Saturday, December 30 is a day off, Sunday, December 31 is a public holiday, and Monday, January 1, they will start according to the schedule corresponding to the public holiday preceding the first school holiday of the week.

THE MONTH trains will run all night on all lines on December 31st, while on January 1st they will run according to the schedule valid on public holidays.

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