Maxim Matveev showed how the face of an aged maniac was created


29.11.2023 21:41

Serial killer Vlad Vikhrov is a character in the crime series “Mosgaz”, which was first presented to viewers in 2012. The prototype of this character is Vladimir Ionesyan, who in the 60s entered apartments, posing as an employee of Mosgaz. In subsequent seasons of the series, 11 years after the release of the first season, Vikhrov appeared before viewers as an aging criminal who spent 20 years in uranium mines.

In the new episodes, Vikhrov acts as a consultant to the young psychiatrist Maria Ermolova, played by Olga Lerman.

StarHit writes that the 41-year-old actor Maxim Matveevwho returned to the role of Vikhrov, shared the process of creating complex makeup, in which the actor is completely unrecognizable.

“Welcome back, Vladik! I’m glad you’re alive,” Matveev signed the photos.

He posted photos showing a plastic mask recreating the old man’s face, and even showed a make-up artist pulling back a piece of “skin” in preparation for attaching the mask.

“In fact, somewhere deep down in his soul he is a good guy,” Matveev signed the photo.


Author Maria Petrova

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