Moghreb Tetouan fails again to achieve victory after tying with Hassania Agadir – Today 24

Moghreb Tetouan failed again to achieve victory, after drawing 1-1 with Hassania Agadir, in the match that took place today, Tuesday, on the floor of Sania Ramel Stadium in Tetouan, at the opening of the matches of the 18th round of the professional tournament in its first division.

Moghreb Tetouan entered the match in its first round with the determination to open the scoring early, and then maintain the lead to gain the three points, and thus return to the track of victories, which had been absent from them since the seventh round, when they then defeated Chabab Athletic Salmi with a clean 4-0, knowing that the White Dove was competing in this match. Led by coach Abdel Latif Grindo, who returns to the bench, succeeding Al-Alawi Al-Ismaili, who was dismissed.

On the other hand, Hassania Agadir began the first half with the ambition of returning home with the three points, to continue its recent awakening, with the aim of climbing the ranks, and getting closer to the lead constellation, after it was suffering at the bottom of the standings in the first rounds of the professional tournament in its first division, knowing that Gazelle Soussia did not It has been defeated since round 12, when it lost by two goals to one against the Royal Army.

After many failed attempts on both sides, Moghreb Tetouan was able to open the scoring in the 20th minute through player Zaid Ben Khoujo, and the players of Hassania Agadir found themselves required to rush harder in order to equalize before the end of the first round, and then look for victory after that. Yassin Jubaira’s companions continued their maneuvers, hoping to visit the net of Mahdi Al-Jorbawi for the second time.

The situation continued as it was for the remaining minutes of attacks here and there with the aim of equalizing by Hassania Agadir, and to add the second goal by Moghreb Tetouan, to settle the result in their favor to avoid any surprise from the opponent as the minutes passed without either of them being able to achieve what they wanted in light of the players’ haste. In ending the attacks, the match ended with the White Dove leading with a clean goal over the Soussian Gazelle.

Hassania Agadir began the second round without introductions, after managing to score an equalizer in the 53rd minute through player Abdallah Boukhnefar, thus returning the match to the starting point, so that each team searched again for the goal of victory, which would secure the three points and rise to eighth place temporarily in the rankings. For Moghreb Tetouan, and to the ninth rank temporarily for Hamza Afsal’s comrades, pending the completion of all matches.

The two teams attacked multiple times during the second round, searching for the winning goal, but all opportunities failed, due to the players’ haste in ending the attacks after reaching the operations box, whether during shooting or passing, so that the rivalry continued between the two parties, with the hope of reaching the goal that had eluded them. In light of the brilliance of goalkeepers Yahya Al-Filali and Mahdi Al-Jorbawi in their saves.

The two sides did not succeed in achieving their goal in the remaining minutes, despite the attempts made available to them, as a result of the lack of offensive effectiveness, so the match ended in a positive draw, one goal for the same, as a result of which the two teams divided the points of the match between them, with one point for each of them, as Moghreb Tetouan raised its score. It reached 21 points in ninth place, while Hassania Agadir’s score reached 20 points in tenth place.

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