Nutritionist Mikhaleva found the most harmful New Year’s dishes on the Russian table


12/31/2023 12:21

As we approach the New Year holidays, an emphasis on taking care of health and proper nutrition becomes important. Doctor of Medical Sciences and specialist in endocrinology and nutrition from the SM-Clinic, Oksana Mikhaleva, shared her observations with RT, emphasizing the potential health hazards associated with the dishes on the New Year’s table.

Dr. Mikhaleva noted that the combination of high-calorie, fatty, salty and sweet foods, as well as alcohol consumption, typical of the holiday menu, can cause serious problems. She highlighted the risk of exacerbation of chronic gastrointestinal diseases, the possible development of acute pancreatitis and the negative impact on those suffering from diabetes and hypertension. In addition, such a diet can lead to weight gain and eating disorders during the holidays.

During the interview, a rating of the most harmful dishes was compiled. Cold cuts took first place. Mikhaleva explained that delicacies such as sausage and balyk contain large amounts of fat, salt and nitrites, which contribute to the formation of dangerous carcinogens – nitrosamines.

In second place were popular New Year’s salads, especially those that use sausage, potatoes and mayonnaise in excess. The high calorie and fat content of such salads negatively affects digestion and contributes to weight gain.

Third on the list is fried chicken, especially with skin. Mikhaleva emphasized that the fat that collects under the skin penetrates the meat, and the crust that forms during frying contains the carcinogen benzopyrene. When combined with sugary drinks and alcohol, such dishes increase the risk of excess weight and can cause emergency hospitalization due to problems with the pancreas.

Author Angelina Efremova

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