nutritionists have found a connection between garlic and blood cholesterol levels


12/29/2023 22:30

Nutrition experts have detailed the effects of garlic on human health, according to information from the UK portal Eating well.

Garlic, in addition to adding spiciness and aroma to dishes, also has a rich content of vitamins, minerals and valuable microelements, having a beneficial effect on the internal systems of the body. The characteristic smell of garlic is due to the presence of organic sulfides (thioesters) in it.

Garlic contains iron, magnesium, vitamins K and C, and antioxidants. This composition helps prevent atherosclerosis, cope with cholesterol plaques, improves blood circulation, lowers sugar levels and stabilizes blood pressure, having a beneficial effect on cardiac function.

In addition, garlic, which belongs to the Allium family and has a taste similar to onions, helps reduce inflammatory processes in the body, which in turn can prevent the development of cancer. However, nutritionists warn that people with sensitive digestive systems should avoid excess garlic in their diet.

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