One year and ten months for beating a Hungarian woman beyond recognition

The Balassa Regional Court sentenced the ex-soldier who brutally beat his ex-partner, Russian Bernadette, to one year and ten months in prison in 2019.

According to Bernadett Orosz, the perpetrator would benefit more. Source: Partisan

The prosecutor’s office appealed for a different legal classification and for the imposition of the penalty and the lifting of the ban from public affairs – Blikk writes.

The former military officer abused Russia on several occasions in 2019. The brutal abuse took place at the military holiday resort in Bujak, at an event. After dinner, in their upstairs room, the drunken man became jealous again, then hit the woman on the forehead, who then excluded him from the room. The man broke down the door and assaulted Bernadette unabashedly and at length. The woman was able to escape from the room and screamed for help, but the man pulled her back into the room and continued to abuse her.

Bernadett Orosz suffered serious injuries with bruises and fractures on her face and head, which took more than eight days to heal.

The prosecution asked for 3 years and 6 months and a four-year ban from public affairs, but the ex-soldier received a prison sentence of one year and ten months.

One of my eyes is crying, the other is laughing! I can breathe a sigh of relief that he was found guilty of all three abuses and I’m also happy that he has to go behind bars, but I hope that he won’t get away with that much, said Bernadett Orosz after the verdict.

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