Ozen warns of a dangerous human rights backlash if the protests of medical college students continue to be suppressed (video) – Today 24

Photography: Abdul Malik Al-Aqel

Mehmet Ozen, Secretary-General of the Popular Movement Party, warned of what he described as a dangerous human rights apostasy in the country, if the series of government repression of protests by students in the faculties of medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry continues.

This is something that the leader of the Sunbula Party said would not be tolerated,” he also added: “The offices of medical college students have been dissolved… Excuse me… where are the Brotherhood going…?!! Why are students prevented from staging a sit-in at a time when the government allowed teachers to hold a million-man march? There are not many of these people and there are few of them!.. And he allowed us to transgress without knowing what is going on in this country!?.. We cannot turn back the clock and return to the world because of this human rights apostasy!…”

Ouzin, who was speaking about “the political situation in Morocco” at the Press House in Tangier, rejected the violation of human rights, depriving protesting students of the right to demonstrate, and attaching a negative image of the country in the field of human rights, against the backdrop of suppressing the protests of students in the faculties of medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry.

According to Ozen, the party is expected to organize a symposium in the near future, during which the Ministers of Higher Education and Health will be summoned, with the aim of finding a quick solution to the students’ demands. This is a mediation that the Popular Movement Party wants to be a prelude to resolving the problem of the protests of medical and dental college students, in coordination with all parties, to avoid being accused of riding. Politics on this file, what matters to us is to find a solution to this problem,” Ozen adds.

On the other hand, Ouzin, after arriving as a guest at the Press House yesterday, Saturday, accused Akhannouch’s government of lacking the courage to solve the crisis of congestion that medical colleges are experiencing in Morocco, before the party official was surprised by the added value of reducing the training period in medical colleges, which the guardian ministry took under the pretext of preventing medical students. From immigration abroad.

Criticizing the government’s suppression of medical students, Ozen said: “It is true that the numbers of Moroccan doctors migrating abroad have become very worrying!” And it exceeded 14 thousand!! It is no longer acceptable!…But this is not an excuse for the government to reduce training, because there are mechanisms to solve this crisis and prevent students from immigrating abroad, including signing a commitment before enrolling in training in the faculties of medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry.

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