pay attention to three signals

What pepper leaves mean: pay attention to three signals


02/13/2024 15:21

Pepper leaves can “say” a lot about the condition of the plant. Knowing these signs will help you adjust your care.

Leaf growth may indicate a nitrogen deficiency. Fertilize with nettle infusion.

The purple color of the leaves indicates a deficiency of phosphorus and potassium. Take two tablespoons of fishmeal and dilute it in eight liters of water. Pour in the tincture. If there is a lack of potassium, make a tincture with ash. Dilute 150 ml of the product in ten liters of water, leave for a day and water.

If the peppers have falling off flowers and small upper leaves, water the plants with boric acid (dilute one teaspoon in 10 liters of water), writes the Telegram channel “Dachnaya assistant – dacha | vegetable garden.”

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