Péter Magyar: the Táncolj Tóni farewell party was announced for Tuesday morning in front of the Karmelita

The man who entered the political field promises, before he enters the prosecutor’s office on March 26, to make public the recording that proves his claims.

Formerly Péter Magyar he promised in one of his poststhat On March 26, before entering the prosecutor’s office, he publishes the video that proves his claims in the Völner-Schadl case.

“After that, neither the government nor the chief prosecutor can do anything other than submit his resignation. Whether they do this is obviously their decision. If so, then there is still a chance that the honest part of Fidesz will save something for later in the from the idea of ​​a bourgeois Hungary. If not, then they will do to the right what Ferenc Gyurcsány did to his own party after the Öszöd speech that year.” Magyar said

And he ended his post like this: Dance Tóni, farewell party.

Tuesday could be decisive for Antal Rogán Photo: MTI

Well, I was advertised at that very address a mysterious event on Facebook. The organizer revealed that the venue will be the Karmelita Monastery, and the date will be Tuesday, March 26, 2024, at 9 a.m. So far, 1,500 people have responded to the announcement, and more than a hundred have indicated that they will be there.

Péter Magyar previously claimed that Antal Rogán’s people falsified the documents of the Völner-Schadl case at the prosecutor’s office. He also stated that he could prove this with audio recordings. He spoke about this to the prosecutors at the Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office and he promised to present the evidence at his retrial on Tuesday.

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