Péter Magyar’s accusations may even be true – Behind the scenes of the Schadl case

In the days before the arrest of György Schadl, a series of strange events unfolded, the protagonists of which were: a state secretary, a deputy minister, and the president of the bailiffs. The story began on November 3, 2021, when Antal Rogán and his team summoned State Secretary of Justice Pál Völner to Karmelita to warn them: Schadl was being listened to and monitored. However, government communications deny this.

George Schadl. Photo: RTL News

On November 3, 2021, two days before György Schadl was taken into custody, the Rogáns summoned Deputy Minister of Justice Pál Völner to Karmelita, where they could personally warn that Schadl would be listened to and monitored, wrote. However, according to the government’s statement, “…the deputy ministers of all ministries take part in work meetings at least once a week in the Carmelite monastery” and “no one intervened in the investigative process that has been going on for several months”.

György Schadl was investigated by the authorities already in the spring of 2021, who came to the conclusion that the president of the executive authorities might be in a corrupt relationship with Deputy Minister of Justice Pál Völner, so during the summer both of them had their phones tapped, and their personal meetings were secretly monitored by the investigators.

The observations revealed that the two men had a personal meeting with each other already on October 14, but it was not revealed what was discussed. On October 29, however, another personal meeting was arranged for November 3.

Based on the events that can be reconstructed from the investigative materials, Schadl sent a text message to Völner on November 3, but he did not receive a reply. He also called Völner in the afternoon, but the deputy minister, who also visited Karmelita that day, pretended not to know that a meeting had been arranged for that day.

On November 4, Schadl went to the Ministry of Justice, where Völner arrived only five minutes earlier, so they could meet. Schadl left the ministry with Katalin Takács, the head of the executive faculty, and they argued with each other based on the observations.

On the morning of November 5, Schadl sent his driver to exchange HUF six million in cash for him, which may indicate that he already knew about the investigation at that time. On the same day, the Schadl couple were arrested at the airport, and a large amount of cash and plane tickets to Dubai were found in their possession, which suggests that they wanted to flee the country.

Based on the investigation materials, it seems that Völner did not know about the investigation on October 29, but already did on November 3. In the meantime, it also appears that Schadl didn’t know about anything on the afternoon of the 3rd, but early on the 5th he already sent his driver to exchange money so that he could travel with his wife to a country that does not have an extradition treaty with Hungary.

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