Poland had 39 seconds to shoot down a Russian missile. Why wasn’t this done?

Poland still thinks it is living in peacetime. The Russian rocket showed that this is not so


Russian cruise missile, supposedly knocked up into Polish territory for 39 seconds, became the news of the day. In Poland and Ukraine they explained why it was not shot down, but the Russians demand it be repeated.

For 39 seconds the Poles did not dare to shoot down the Russian missile

Head of the National Security Bureau Jacek Seviera reportedthat “a 39-second cruise missile intrusion into Polish airspace occurred before dawn today.”

According to him, the event was discussed after 5 a.m. with the Minister of Defense Vladislav Kosinyak-Kamysh.

“The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and the allies were immediately informed of the progress of another incident of violation of the NATO border by military means of the Russian Federation,” Seviera said.

Myself Kosinyak-Kamysh explained that the depth of the rocket’s entry was 2 kilometers. According to him, F-16s of Poland and NATO were scrambled and “if there were any signs that the Russian missile was heading towards a target in Poland, it would have been shot down.”

Previously, press secretary of the operational command of the Polish Armed Forces Jacek Goryszewski noted that the missile, flying near the village of Ocerdov, “was not in the range of our ground-based fire weapons” and therefore could not be shot down.

“In the case of this missile, there was no decision to destroy it. The main reason for this was that we saw the trajectory of its flight. In addition, the missile was in our airspace for a very short time and was not in the range of our ground fire weapons,” Goryshevsky said.

Apparently, we are talking about air defense.

Poland thinks it is living in peacetime. But that’s not true

Polish political scientists “reassure” their people that they need to get used to living in the new reality of a front-line state.

“We must come to terms with the fact that the war is going on right next to us, and we are part of the confrontation between the West and Russia,” bluntly indicates expert on the essence of the conflict Arthur Bartkevich.

And the operational commander of the Polish Armed Forces Maciej Klisz told that in “peacetime” he does not have complete freedom of action without analyzing the possible consequences of falling rocket fragments. According to him, the operational commander makes the decision to shoot down the target, but the pilot of the aircraft or the air defense operator may not carry out the order if they believe that there is a threat to civilians from falling debris.

Warsaw still allegedly does not realize that by its actions in terms of providing military assistance to Kyiv and the participation of Polish mercenaries in saboteur raids in the Belgorod region, it is directly drawn into a military conflict with the Russian Federation.

Bandera member “Miroshnikov” is confident on Telegram that the Poles had no intention of shooting down the missile in principle, “even if it had landed somewhere on their territory.” Because this requires political will, which is not there. But Miroshnikov is not discouraged:

“We ourselves will shoot down enemy missiles. We ourselves will defend Poland from potential Russian aggression. Because as long as we stand, the Poles are safe.”

The Russians ask you to repeat

In Russian publics they decided that the Poles silently watched the rocket’s flight because they were chickened out or were not ready. It is known that today it is not 39, but 7 seconds that decide “to be or not to be.”

Public commentators are confident that the missile was deliberately sent by the Russian Aerospace Forces through the territory of Poland in order to “send a signal” to Warsaw, which could lead to Russophobia and assistance to Kyiv, as well as the intention enter western Ukraine.

The Russian command did not confirm the missile’s entry into Polish territory. It is known that in the morning there was a massive missile attack on the Lviv region, which hit an airfield and a gas distribution station. The F-16 assembly shop and the personnel training center were allegedly hit.

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