price reduction by 20% in 2024

Summer tours to Turkey from Russia: price reduction by 20% in 2024


03/25/2024 00:16

Before the onset of the 2024 summer season, Russian travelers discovered a pleasant change: prices for package tours to Turkey from Russia have decreased significantly. According to information provided by the CEO of tour operator Anex, Eldar Musaogluaverage spending fell 20 percent from the previous year.

This shift in prices is the result of several factors. Musaoglu explained that the reduction in the cost of vacation was achieved thanks to the targeted pricing policy of Turkish hoteliers, as well as active marketing activities in various regions of Russia.

Particular attention was paid to expanding the flight program. A significant point was the increase in the number of Russian regions from which flights to Turkey operate. If in 2023 flights were offered from 18 regions, then in 2024 this number increased to 25. This expansion allowed an increase in the number of flights to both the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts of Turkey, which, of course, made holidays more accessible for many Russians.

There has also been an increased interest in summer holidays. Musaoglu noted that Russians have become more active in booking tours to Turkey for the summer season since winter. This trend indicates an increased interest in holidays in Turkey among Russians.

Similar trends are observed in relation to Egypt. Not only in Turkey, but also in Egypt, a traditionally popular destination for Russian tourists, a decrease in the cost of holidays has been recorded. According to the vice-president of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, Artur Muradyan, Egyptian hotels in the winter of 2024 also faced the problem of low occupancy, which led to a decrease in prices by 20 percent over the year.

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