Professionals hold the Ministry of Agriculture responsible for the rise in poultry prices in the markets – Today 24

The National Association of Broiler Breeders said that the main reason for the high prices of chicken for consumption in various Moroccan markets is the high cost of materials involved in the production process, mainly the high prices of compound feed.

The association strongly criticized the guardian ministry, and considered it “responsible for this high cost, which is exploited by a small group of people close to the decision-making authorities,” as it put it.

These entities, according to the association, “can be grouped into some feed companies and hatcheries in order to achieve fantastic profits at the expense of the citizen first and the small and medium breeder second.”

These criticisms come as the federal poultry sector prepares to organize the 24th session of the poultry sector exhibition from November 28 to 30, 2023 in Casablanca.

The National Association of Broiler Breeders added, “The privileges provided by the state did not benefit small and medium breeders, who are the backbone in the production of this vital material.”

She stressed that the guardian ministry “provides services to companies and contributes to destroying the purchasing power of the citizen, and displacing the remaining small and medium breeders.”

She explained this, through a report, by saying that “the signatories to the Green Morocco Plan contracts and the beneficiaries of the support are manipulating production, controlling the supply, and imposing on the small and medium breeders, as well as the consumer, a fait accompli policy, especially since chicken has become a vital material for Moroccan families, who are suffering from the flames of prices.” .

The National Association of Chicken Breeders recorded the absence of the guardian ministry, and the failure to achieve what was stated in the strategy of the Green Morocco Plan contracts for the poultry sector. However, all responsible parties, even the elected ones, Parliament and its two chambers, did not move to activate the constitutional principle of linking responsibility to accountability.

The government called for the rescue of small and medium-sized breeders by taking a set of urgent measures, including “exempting them from bank interest and the value-added tax on compound feed and rescheduling debts, in order for this productive group to return to work again.”

She called for “reducing the prices of compound feed by opportunists and by exempting it from customs duties and value-added tax, in order to confront monopoly and create real competition in the sector that benefits the Moroccan consumer before the producer.”

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