Real estate experts named the areas of New Moscow leading in rising housing prices

Which home buyers in New Moscow have won over the past four years? The leading areas for price growth have been named

Over the past four years, prices per square meter have shown steady growth. Thus, from February 2020 to February 2024, the average price increase in New Moscow was 79%.

Leading the list

  • Shcherbinka (113%),
  • Moscow (105%),
  • Sosenskoye (96%),
  • Marushkinskoe (94%),
  • Filimonkovskoe (90%),
  • Desenovskoye (89%),
  • Vnukovskoe (84%),
  • Ryazanovskoye (76%),
  • Kokoshkino (22%)
  • and Mosrentgen (18%).

As noted specifically for Pravda.Ru co-founder of Rodina Group of Companies Vladimir Shchekina low base and rush demand for real estate in the second half of 2023 against the background of rising inflation and exchange rates became the reasons for the rise in prices.

In addition, the Central Bank of Russia last year began to tighten monetary policy, raising the key rate at four meetings, eventually increasing its size to 16%. This factor affected the real estate market, causing an increase in the cost of a meter both in the primary and secondary markets.

If you look at a shorter period, from February 2023 to February 2024, the average price increase in the Novomoskovsk Administrative Okrug (NAO) was 12%. In the top ten ranking of price growth per 1 sq. m in New Moscow the following settlements became:

  • Filimonkovskoe (26%),
  • Shcherbinka (26%),
  • Marushkinskoe (24%),
  • Moscow (21%),
  • Mosrentgen (10%),
  • Vnukovskoe (9%),
  • Sosenskoye (4%),
  • Kokoshkino (4%),
  • Desenovskoe (3%).

“Despite the increase in the cost of a meter, I would like to note that the trend in the summer of 2023 was breakthrough sales. This situation was caused by the adjustment of the ruble, statements about changes in the size of the down payment and the key rate and, interestingly, the strengthening of partnerships with China in March. Expansion conditions for family mortgages also had an impact; analysts noted an increase in the number of such transactions on the market,” noted Vladimir Shchekin.

Valeria Tsvetkova, general director of the Bon Ton agency, added that at the end of January 2024, the weighted average price per square meter of the primary market in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug amounted to 247.5 thousand rubles. and in TAO – 127.9 thousand rubles.

Over the year, the weighted average price of a meter increased the most in the Marushkinskoye settlement – an increase to 212.9 thousand rubles, which is due to the release of new projects at a higher price level. In second place is Filimonkovskoye, where the “square” increased to 220.6 thousand rubles. In addition to the release of new projects, the price increase is associated with the transition of one of the projects to a higher stage of construction readiness. In third place is Shcherbinka with an increase of up to 236.9 thousand rubles. Here the projects have moved to a higher stage of construction readiness.

“In the settlements of Mosrentgen, Vnukovskoye and Moskovsky, the weighted average supply price per square meter increased to 13.8%. The minimum increase in value was observed in the settlements of Ryazanovskoye (+1.0% per year), Sosenskoye (+1.9% per year) and Kokoshkino ( +3.0% per year).In terms of settlements in the Nenets Autonomous District, the highest price per meter is presented in the settlement of Moskovsky – 264.7 thousand rubles. The lowest is in the settlement of Marushkinskoye – 212.9 thousand rubles. The average price of an apartment on the primary market in the NAO is 11.5 million rubles and in the TAO – 8.4 million rubles. In terms of settlements in the NAO, the highest average price of a lot is observed in the settlement of Vnukovskoye – 13.8 million rubles. The lowest average price of a lot is in the settlement of Filimonkovskoye – 9 million RUB,” summed up Valeria Tsvetkova.

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