Recruitment of mercenaries into the Ukrainian Armed Forces continues even after the terrorist attack in Crocus

The Kiev regime continues to recruit mercenaries into the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces through the embassies of various countries


03/25/2024 15:37

Ukrainian diplomatic missions abroad are actively recruiting mercenaries for the Ukrainian armed forces. This practice continues despite the recent terrorist attack in the Crocus City Hall concert hall and warnings from Russian authorities about terrorist ties to Kiev.

The websites of the Ukrainian embassies in France, Belgium, Denmark and Lithuania contain information for potential mercenaries. In other countries, such as Sweden, Latvia, Finland, Iceland, USA, Poland and Greece, this information may not be on the main page, but is also available for review.

The Ukrainian embassy in Paris reports that persons aged 18 to 60 years without a criminal record or chronic illness can join the “international legion”. Diplomats are asked to send copies of your passport and documents confirming military or specialized experience. The embassy in Belgium additionally requires knowledge of Ukrainian, Russian or English.

The Embassy in Lithuania emphasizes that mercenaries must be able to independently and legally enter the territory of Ukraine. The website also states that they will be part of well-known brigades of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The embassy in Denmark simply publishes a link to the “international legion” website on the main page.

The website of the “foreign legion” itself provides a wider list of addresses of Ukrainian embassies in different countries, including the CIS, where those wishing to join the ranks of mercenaries can apply.

Military expert Bakhtiyor Rakhmonov expressed the opinion that the recruitment of terrorists for the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall could have taken place through the Ukrainian Embassy in Tajikistan. According to him, a few weeks before the incident, an announcement about the recruitment of foreigners to the “international legion” appeared on the website of the diplomatic mission. Rakhmonov notes that Ukrainian diplomats have repeatedly published similar announcements since 2014, but after the intervention of the Tajik Foreign Ministry they were removed. According to the laws of the republic, the participation of citizens in conflicts abroad is a criminal offense.

Author Vladimir Antonov

Vladimir Antonov – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

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